Selling a Home With Pets

Home sellers often want to know what to do with their pets when prospective buyers come over for a viewing, but the answers aren’t all that simple. There are the immediate and practical issues like dogs misbehaving and indoor cats sneaking out during the showing, but in more general terms, ...

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How Are the New Mortgage Rules Going to Affect You?

January 1, 2018 not only was it the beginning of the new year, but also the beginning of the tougher new mortgage rules for Ontarians. Do you know how these new rules will affect you? In the past 2 weeks I have had 2 families wanting to purchase a new ...

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Did You Know ? Ontario Is Taking Next Steps in Testing Hydrogen-Powered Train Technology

Province Transforming GO Transit to Provide Faster and More Frequent Service Ontario is taking the next steps in exploring the potential of hydrail as an alternative toconventional electric trains, as Ontario transforms the GO network into a rapid-transit system that will provide faster and more frequent service for commuters and ...

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