Toronto Mayor Tory to Ramp up Housing Affordability Initiatives if he Wins Second Term

Toronto Mayor John Tory aims to make affordable housing a key focus of his administration should he win a second term, the incumbent said in a speech before the Scarborough Business Association on Monday. “It’s a sign of a success in a certain way that more people want to come ...

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What’s the difference between a condo and a co-op?

Real estate terminology isn’t always clear and understandable. If you’re thinking of buying a condo or co-op, I strongly recommend working closely with a registered real estate salesperson who can answer your questions, and explain the meaning of certain terms. And when you find the right salesperson for you, make ...

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Do You Really Know What Type of Property You are Buying?

Detached… Semi-Detached… Townhouse…Link home… What do These Terms Mean? How do I Find the Right Home for me When Real Estate Jargon isn’t Always Easy to Understand? Whenever you buy a property, I strongly recommend performing your own due diligence (that may include getting a home inspection done), and working ...

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