Are Millennials Creating a Cultural Shift Away from Single-Family Living?

Image: George Rudy / Single-family homes have long been part of the American dream and something previous generations strived to acquire to show that they had “made it.” However, millennials’ motivations and purchasing habits could be a driving force towards new housing ideas, potentially making the traditional single-family home ...

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Five Ways House Plants Make Your Life Better

Why would you want a bunch of plants in your place? Well, beyond the fact that they look great, indoor plants are super-beneficial little house guests, giving back a lot more than they take in effort. They’re easy on the eyes, healthy for the body, and as it happens, good ...

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Sellers are back in control of Toronto region’s housing market

Photo: James Bombales The Toronto region’s housing market moved back into seller’s territory in September with new listings declining and home sales continuing at a rapid pace. Resale listings had been on the upswing for four consecutive months, but fell by nearly 16 percent overall in September. This caused the ...

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