Another Etobicoke Landmark Being Replaced by a Condo Building!

I Know, It’s Progress…But it is Still Hard to see Many Etobicoke Landmarks Being Torn Down! If you are not familiar with this Car Wash, it is opposite the Costco Gas Station located on The Queensway between Ladybank and Chartwell.   T-shaped’ Mid-Rise Tower Proposed to Replace Vacant Car Wash ...

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Separating? Divorcing? Who Gets the House?

January is a month of intentions, beginnings… and, unfortunately, divorces. According to my sources this January, the number of couples looking to separate has increased thanks to the pandemic. Why January for separations? Ending a marriage/relationship right before the holiday season isn’t always ideal, especially if children are involved; the ...

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Is Sparkling Water Good or Bad For You?

We all know the importance of drinking enough water to stay hydrated—especially if you have an active lifestyle. For some people, though, downing large amounts of plain H2O seems boring when there are so many other beverages to choose from.© Diana Miller/Getty ImagesSparkling water is a popular alternative, and it’s ...

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