Hide the Things you Don’t Want Seen in your Home With These 9 Ideas

There's a fine line between nice design and function. Hiding items that you use at home in plain sight is the perfect answer. Use some creativity instead of resorting to stuffing things in closets or under the bed. You may be thinking that you only have so many hiding spots. That ...

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Homes are being built at a “relentless” pace in Canada — here’s why it’s still not enough

Canadian home building continued to beat expectations through the early fall, but when you take a good, hard look at the economic fundamentals driving the pace of activity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that builders are still having trouble satisfying buyer demand in some parts of the country. Housing starts ...

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Make Buying a Home Smooth Sailing

In the nautical world of pleasure boating, there is a specific process to follow to ensure a fun day on the water. Skip one of those steps and you risk having a miserable experience. The same holds true when buying a new home. There is a process to follow to ensure ...

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