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Toronto rent prices could start rising again by spring 2021:

Rental costs in Canada’s biggest city will continue declining over the next four to five months, but could reverse course by the summer if COVID-19 cases keep falling. A new report published today by suggests late spring is the most likely time that Toronto rent prices will start climbing ...

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Separating? Divorcing? Who Gets the House?

January is a month of intentions, beginnings… and, unfortunately, divorces. According to my sources this January, the number of couples looking to separate has increased thanks to the pandemic. Why January for separations? Ending a marriage/relationship right before the holiday season isn’t always ideal, especially if children are involved; the ...

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3 Ways Selling a Downtown Toronto Condo has Changed During the Pandemic

The downtown Toronto condo market has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many homebuyers flocked to the suburbs while investors struggled to find new tenants for their condo rental units despite cutting prices. As a result, resale condo listings have soared far beyond current buyer demand, causing prices to ...

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