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Is Sparkling Water Good or Bad For You?

We all know the importance of drinking enough water to stay hydrated—especially if you have an active lifestyle. For some people, though, downing large amounts of plain H2O seems boring when there are so many other beverages to choose from.© Diana Miller/Getty ImagesSparkling water is a popular alternative, and it’s ...

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The History of the Mimico Neighbourhood in Toronto

    Mimico is a former railway and farming town that eventually turned into a Toronto neighbourhood. If you travel south-west of downtown Toronto along the lake, you will find Mimico sitting right on the edge of Etobicoke. It’s known as the oldest of the former Lakeshore Municipalities, but its history goes even ...

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Beautiful and Affordable Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable

When it comes to design, there has been a huge shift toward prioritizing sustainability recently, but IKEA has been quietly driving this movement for years. From powering their stores with renewable energy sources, to reducing the environmental impact of shipping with their ahead-of-their-time flatpack system, the iconic Swedish design destination has made ...

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