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Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!

Besides real estate, one of my passions is Christmas. I love it! I love the brightly coloured Christmas decorations. I love the parties and celebrations I love choosing Christmas gifts for the people who mean the most to me. I love watching the excitement of my little grandaughters about Santa ...

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Where did all the Hand Sanitizer go?

Hand Sanitizer (World Health Organizer Formula) Having a hard time finding hand sanitizer? You are not alone. Many shops sold out of the stuff weeks ago. Fortunately, sanitizing hand rub is easy and inexpensive to make right at home. Here is a recipe that is recommended by the WHO (World ...

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Looking for Great Places to Snap Some Winter Photos? Take a Look at Some of These Places!

We are definitely in the middle of a cold snap, but that shouldn’t deter we hardy Canadians from venturing outside. Just put on your long johns, a good warm winter coat, a scarf, mitts and off we go to get those beautiful winter photos! Toronto has some pretty scenic views ...

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