Creative Day Trips Just Short Jaunts from Toronto

April 6, 2018

With spring almost here (dare I say), many people are itching to get out of their homes and just enjoy the outside! Here are some wonderful ideas for day trips from Toronto.

Blue Mountain’s Scandinavian Style Spa is Beckoning.

There are some wonderful spas in Toronto, but why not try something new. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a drive to Blue Mountain. The Scandinave Spa is a wonderful place to rejuvenate your soul after this endless winter. You’ll love the quiet where you can relax in the hot baths and just chill!

Do Niagara Falls a bit Differently

Absolutely check out the Falls first then meander along the highway to Woodend Conservation Area in St. Catherines. With sweeping vistas of Lake Ontario and the escarpment slopes below, Woodend is considered to have been an observation point during the War of 1812 for both armies.

Hike the trails, including the Bruce Trail, that wind through the meadow and escarpment forest and slope. The forest community is composed largely of hardwood species with scattered representatives of Carolinian species such as black cherry, black oak and sugar maple.

This area is a perfect venue for passerine bird watching, and a historic limestone kiln reminds of this historic site’s link to the past.

Rattlesnake Point with its Trails and Rock Climbing

If you’re not yet in shape after the winter, there are short easy trails, like Vista Adventure, where you can walk to a look-out point like Buffalo Crag Lookout or the Nassagaweya Lookout for a panoramic view of the escarpment.

If you want to explore more than one Halton Park–and you’re after a work-out–take the Nassagaweya Canyon trail to Crawford Lake. A round trip is between 4-5 hours, so make sure you’re prepared for this day trip!

Explore the Caves of Eramosa

The Eramosa Karst Conservation is in Hamilton, about an hour’s drive from Toronto. Here you’ll find examples of 16 different karst features including caves, sinking streams and overflow sinks. What a great way to spend a day – just exploring all the numerous nooks and crannies and many trails. A great place to hike at any time of the year.

Aberfoyle With Its Amazing Antique Market

This quaint town is about an hour’s drive west of Toronto. It is definitely worth the drive for the sprawling Antique Market that is open Sundays from approximately May to October. Strolling around you’ll find vintage furniture, furnishings, china, glassware and knick knacks from long gone eras. Once you have finished your antique hunting, enjoy the Mill restaurant just down the road a bit.

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