Five Unique and Creative Home Improvement Tips

April 7, 2018

Most people have thought about what their dream home would look like. It’s totally natural. Why? Well, simply because w spend most or our time at home, so why not make it to exactly what you want!

My dream home would include some of the home improvements see below. How about you?

Create a bedroom for your dog

Seriously, you say? Well check it out below. Fido’s very own bedroom under the stairs. I know Fido will love it!

Baseboards that vacuum!

Are you kidding! I’m definitely up for that! No more vacuuming – all you do is sweep the crumbs and dirt into the baseboard and it sucks up all the debris!

Wow! A sink with jets in the laundry room. How brilliant! Now you can wash your delicates while you wash the other clothes. How incredibly efficient!

Lots of books to read? Create a hidden bookshelf under the stairs.

Then create a cosy nook to read in!

A really creative way to enjoy a good read right under the stairway

Transform a shed

Tired of looking at that old shed with junk stored in it that you never use? Check this shed out! Delightful!

By Inno Asuncion, Writer at Home Hacks.
Adapted by Gillian Tenneson

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