How to Avoid Becoming a “Grumpy” Old Woman

April 19, 2018

Wow, this topic could make you say to yourself, Holy Smoke. I have become a Grumpy Old Woman. But, here are some ideas that can change you into a vibrant, happy, woman.

One of the many ways to prevent you from becoming such a person is to

  1. Dress youthfully. Choose clothes that enhance your body type – “Dress fifty, not frumpy” (If you need some help with choosing styles, perhaps a granddaughter would be happy to help or even one of your very stylish friends.
  2. Stay in Touch with people who are youthful and vibrant. People who exhibit an interest in what’s going on in the world or just in their own neighbourhood.
  3. How about getting on the internet to get in touch with friends and stay in touch with family that may be faraway.
  4. Think young – There are too many seniors who act old because they THINK they’re old. If you think you’re young, you will behave that way. So, don’t sit around waiting to die – get out and doing things to keep your body and your brain active.
  5. Develop a meaningful life – here are a few ideas:
  • Volunteer (where you might rub shoulders with young people) perhaps a library or a museum, at a child care centre a school or wherever you will find happiness.
  • Take a course you’ve always wanted to take:
    – journalism
    – painting
    – how to write a book
  • Get Active
    – Try Pilates
    – Take dancing classes
    – Bike riding (don’t worry if your balance is off – there are 3-wheel bikes that may make it easier)
  1. Leave criticism to others: Criticism and grumpiness are intricately linked. Sitting around judging and criticizing the world (or worse – others) can become very damaging to a person’s psyche. And besides no matter how much we criticize or complain about the world, it isn’t going to change – so we may as well take a positive attitude and see the good things in the world. Because the world surely does not need anymore “Grumpy old Women (or Men” for that matter).
    Goodbye Grumpy old Women and Men!

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