Looking for Great Places to Snap Some Winter Photos? Take a Look at Some of These Places!

January 22, 2019

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We are definitely in the middle of a cold snap, but that shouldn’t deter we hardy Canadians from venturing outside.

Just put on your long johns, a good warm winter coat, a scarf, mitts and off we go to get those beautiful winter photos!

Toronto has some pretty scenic views and sights and in the winter they become incredible icy landscapes. So, start clicking those winter shots.

Here are some ideas of places to get that iconic winter photo.

Toronto Island

There are amazing vistas of the city skyline in summer, but the winter with it’s frozen lake and icy skyline will give you a different perspective on this great city. But don’t be foolish and get tempted to walk on the icy lake, You never know if it is completely frozen. Falling in with camera and all does not sound like a pleasant ending to a great photography.

Niagara Falls 

Just an hour and a half west of Toronto is what is considered the eighth wonder of the world. Yes, you guessed it – Niagara Falls. You will be awe-struck by the spectacular frozen waterfall. If you are in Niagara Falls from Nov. 3 to Jan 31 you can enjoy the Winter Festival of Lights. A stunning light show that’s sure to get you some amazing photos

High Park

Embrace the winter – dress warmly, strap on some snowshoes and get to know High Park in the winter when the grounds resemble a snowy, winter wonderland. Check out the sculptures surrounding the Forest School? Strap on your boots (or snowshoes!) and take photos of the hidden gems in High Park. You may be able to snap some animal tracks like grey squirrels, raccoons and dogs — and if you’re really lucky, you may see some coyote tracks.

University of Toronto

Take a walk through the University of Toronto. From the gorgeous architecture and courtyards to the huge campus, this is worth a winter visit to snap some incredible icy looking photos.

James Gardens


A beautiful garden in spring and summer – but so different in the winter with its frozen branches and snow laden gardens. It is beautiful with the Humber River meandering through it – definitely worth a visit to obtain some great winter photos..

Nathan Phillips Square

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Nathan Phillips Square is home to everything you need for a perfect winter outing. From the outdoor skating rink (which is free to use) to the massive Toronto sign and urban views of City Hall, this spot needs to be one of your winter photo places.

Humber Bay Park

Located west of the city, you’ll find Humber Bay Park, home to some of the most scenic views in all of Toronto. Featuring sweeping lake and city skyline, this stunning park and its surrounding walking trails turn into a frozen winter wonderland during the colder months and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Bentway Skate Trail

A relatively new addition is Toronto’s Bentway Skate Trail. It is a 220-metre figure eight loop that runs below the Gardiner Expressway. You’ll come for the skating but leave with some fabulous shots of the Toronto skyline from a whole new perspective.

Scarborough Bluffs

There’s no better way to take in the views than from up above! While it’s no secret that the Scarborough Bluffs offer incredible scenic views year round, it’s pretty incredible when you can view the icy landscape from 300 feet above the ground. Enjoy walking along the trails bordering the bluffs, as you photograph the views of Lake Ontario. But be careful – heed the signs and enjoy this park safely.

Ontario Place

Ontario Place has turned into a year-round destination, with the welcome addition of Winter at Ontario Place, a winter-themed festival featuring an outdoor light exhibit, skating, and plenty of winter photo opportunities.

Riverdale Park

Riverdale Park isn’t just known for having some of the most picturesque views of the Toronto skyline, it’s also home to an outdoor ice rink, and a massive toboggan hill, making it a must for photographers during the winter months.

R C Harris Water Treatment Plant

While this might seem like an unusual spot to snap some pics, you’ll actually find some incredible views of the frozen lake and surrounding areas, unlike anything you’ll find downtown.