Some Thoughts Worth Considering When Selling!

January 18, 2018

Of all the things a homeowner must be aware of when selling their home, is the condition of the property. This is most important!

A crucial part of marketing any product is the presentation of such. Corporations and retail businesses understand that concept, and pay millions of dollars each year for the best possible advice from advertising and marketing consultants.

The same is true for homes. In order to effectively compete with other sellers, home owners must present their home in an attractive, desirable condition. When you bought your home you probably did some comparison shopping. Well, buyers are still doing the same today (the average purchaser looks at 10 to 20 properties prior to buying). Regardless of how many properties are on the market, available buyers will always seek the best-priced property that is in the best condition.

Think Like a Buyer

You are not just selling a condo or house. You are selling a shelter, lifestyle and dreams. People always want what’s best for them, and your home should represent the buyer’s answer to this goal. Remember, they arrive at your front door wanting to find the right home. Don’t make them search elsewhere for it. If you have done your homework, every room in your home will create a desire for the buyer to stay.

Start Making a List

Take a look at the property through the critical eyes of a buyer. Is there anything that needs painting, repairing, looks worn, or is outdated? Start writing these items down on your list. Ask everyone in your family to do the same…they may see something you missed. After all, a shorter sales time will benefit everybody in the family.

Do Everything Before Putting Your Home
on the Market

Complete all repairs, improvements and enhancements prior to your first showing.Remember, your best showings come early in the listing period. Be ready.