Why Don’t My Kids Want All My Family Treasures?

February 9, 2018

Who Wants the Family Heirlooms?

Not me! Not me! Said my 2 daughters. However, despite their reluctance to take anything, I did manage to give them a couple of things in the end.

It appears that today’s generations, the Gen X, Y, Z and Millennials live minimally – unlike their Baby Boomer parents. Personally, I love antiques – the sleigh beds, the mahogany dining room set, (in fact the one photographed below is mine – And, I love it! I also have one cut crystal goblet that I believe my Mother bought when she and my Dad were posted to Germany and “bubble” glasses that were a wedding gift to my parent. What is not to love about this?

I did manage to give my youngest daughter (a millennial), a side table that was purchased by my parents in the year of my birth (and no, I’m not telling you what year that was). She has it in her living room and it seems to fit in with her décor quite nicely.

My oldest daughter, has a beautiful oak dining room table that I rescued from a barn in about 2005. It was lovingly refinished by a furniture expert in the Eastern Townships. She also owns a gorgeous sofa that my first husband and I paid way too much for and a bentwood rocker that was given to me when she was first born.

The challenge right now is finding where to get rid of the stuff my kids and I don’t want because, not only is my generation down-sizing but it seems my kids and their generations are minimalists!  NO MORE CLUTTER is the rallying cry it appears.